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N95 Elastomer Pink Mask

N95 Elastomer Pink Mask

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Product Description

Application with 6-Month (186) Filter or 1-Year (372) Filter.

Box Content ; 

    1.  Reusable/ Sanitizable main frame - 1 piece.

    2.  Reusable/ Sanitizable filter housing inner cap - 1 piece.

    3.  Reusable/ Sanitizable filter housing  outer cap - 1 piece.

    4.  Replaceable/ Disposable filter - 186/372 pieces.

    5.  Overhead elastic straps - 2 pieces 

Important ;

    1.  Make sure that the packaging of your mask is unopened.

    2.  Do not buy the product if the packaging is damaged or defective. 

    3.  BEFORE FIRST USE, disinfect the mask main frame and the filter housing by using:

        a.  80 degrees cologne (cloth etc),       

        b.  Biocidal disinfectants,

        c.  Soap and liquid soap.

    4.  Dispose of the filter after each use. Before placing the new filter, disinfect your mask. 

    5.  Make sure the mask to fully cover your nose and mouth.

    6.  Adjust the elastic straps to fit.

    7.  Filters are disposable. Do not use more than once.

    8.  Filters should not be cleaned or disinfected.

    9.  The mask must be kept in a cool and dry place, between -10 and +40 degrees.

    10.  Parents are responsible for changing the filters and disinfection of their children’s masks. 

    11.  Do not use the microwave oven to disinfect your product. Avoid direct contact with fire.

    12. The mask body moistened according to weather conditions and duration of use it is recomended to dry the inner face of the mask.

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