·      Elastomer, which is the raw material of Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask is also used at the feeding bottles and pacifiers for babies. Thanks to this feature the ottimo® mask has choosen the least harmless material for our health and hygiene.


·      The filter cover of Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask is being produced with a material called ABS, which is also used in medical tools. ABS is a polymer that doesnt harm the environment.


·      Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask is designed suitable for the anatomy of the head. It fits perfectly to face by a 45° angle. So it doesn’t leave any marks on the skin. In this regard, it provides an aesthetic look for the face.


·      The filter of Ottimo® Elastomer Mask is made of 25 gr/meter square of white spunbond,   25 gr/ meter square of meltblown, 35 gr/meter square of blue spunbond and its protectivity is on level. (Analysis Reports)


·      The filters of Ottimo®  Elastomer Masks are getting packaged in a sterile room, by placing indicators in them. The packaged filters are being sterilized. When the filters are taken off from the sterilization machine, indicator turns to brown from pink.It means the process is complete.


·      Ottimo®  Elastomer Masks are environmentally friendly. Billions of masks are being produced every year. And since the exterminations of infected masks are not done properly in medical waste statue, it damages the ecosystem and decreases the possibility of a clean life.


·      Ottimo® Elastomer Masks are recycble. Respectful to the planet!



*ABS : Akrilonitril Bütadien Stiren


Ottimo® Elastomer Mask is designed suitable for the structure of the face so it avoids the air intake that may leak from the midpoint of the nose, under the chin or cheeks. So the breathing air is almost 100% filtered.
Non woven fabric masks dont fit exactly to the face .There may be unfiltered air, germs and bacterias leaking from the right/left and top/bottom parts of the mask.
With Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask virus, bacteria and dust cant get in from outside.Type I, Type II are in R class.  (please see:Enviromental Industry Analysis Lab.)
Non woven fabric masks dont provide air circulation properly.With these masks, breathing air makes the skin sweaty and it occurs a bad scent. It creates an environment for the viruses and bacterias.
Ottimo®  Elastomer Masks are designed at 4 different sizes.(see the size chart) With the right size the mask fits perfectly to the face.

 Non woven fabric masks are produced at one size, it is not suitable for all face shapes.(esp. children) Because of this it also cant protect the person properly.

The elastic straps of Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask doesn’t touch the ear. It stertches through the back of the head and doesn’t give any discomfort.
Putting the elastic straps through your ear when you use a non woven fabrics mask,gives discomfort.The pressure applied to the back of the ear also creates negative effects on circulatory system.
When Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask gets wet, it keeps filtering. Because the mask is waterproof and it also protects the mouth and the nose from the cold.
When non woven fabric masks exposed to rain, snow or water, it loses its function.
Ottimo®  Elastomer Mask box comes with 186 spare filters  (6 months) or 372 spare filters (1 year), 2 spare elastic straps and a filter housing set. Filters must be changed daily.The duration of the use must be 8 hours.
It is recomenned to change non woven fabric masks in every two hours.



·      Justice, security

·      Paper industry

·      Information technologies

·      Glass and cement

·      Environment

·      Education

·      Electric, electronic

·      Energy

·      Finance

·      Food industry

·      Construction

·      Business and managment

·      Chemistry, oil, lastic/plastic

·      Culture, art, design

·      Mine

·      Media, communication, publishing

·      Metal

·      Automotive

·      Health and social services

·      Agriculture, hunting/fishing

·      Textile, clothing, leather

·      Trade, sales and marketing

·      Community and personal services

·      Tourism, accomodation, food services

·      Transportation

·      Logistics, communication








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Ottimo® Medical is a brand of Doruk Deri Konfeksiyon San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti.

The compnay is founded at 1986, in İstanbul. Since the day of establishment we export our products to European countries. Ottimo® Elastomer Masks are being produced in its own property, 4.560 meter square  closed area. Our daily production capacity is 100.000 piece/day.

In a case of extra production request, on a 18.000 meter square land in Antalya, in 13.000 meter square closed sterile area, new production line can be organized.

The design of Ottimo® Elastomer Masks is belonged to Doruk Deri Konfeksiyon San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti. and secured by the patent. All raw materials used in Ottimo® Elastomer Masks are supplied from TURKEY. We don’t have any supply connection with Far Eastern countries. All production preparations, production and sterilization after packaging are done in same location and end user gets the product in its safe tagged Ottimo® Elastomer Mask box.


OTTIMO® Elastomer Mask Company Profile

Doruk Deri Konfeksiyon San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti.

Registeritation No: 997 / G / 11070-97

Filter Qulatiy Type :  TIP I, TIP II Protokol No: 2031642E

Çevre Endüstriyel Analiz Laboratuvarı


AB-0363-T, 2029563E, 12-20

Patent No: 2020 / 16983

Design No: 2020 / 09222

Occupational Health and Safety;

Galata Ortak Sağlık Güvenlik Birimi AÇSHB Yetki Belgesi No: 484


OTTIMO® Elastomer Mask Contact;

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Phone : +90 212 294 9000

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